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Hi there, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Sarah, and I'm a Sheffield-based composer-performer and multi-instrumentalist with a specialism in drums. I'm someone who loves to draw in different styles in every project I get involved in. Sometimes the game for me is to see how eclectic I can be while still serving the music; how to give it a special twist.

As a musician, I love doing the following things: developing my musicianship, collaboration, empowering myself and others, creating music, and talking about all of these things in a pub/café with a fellow enthusiast.

Let's get it on.

I've received funding from manchester jazz festival (mjf), Sage Gateshead, Jazz North, Sound & Music, and Arts Council England. I was an mjf hothouse 2019-21 artist, Jazz North Northern Line 2019-21 artist, Sage Gateshead Summer Studios 2020 artist, an mjf originals commissions 2021 artist, and a Take Five 2021 artist.

I've played for several people and projects, and play and write for my own projects. You can read more about this in Music Projects.

When I'm not tending to my own musical and creative development, I run workshops, teach, mentor, and coach other artists. This, you can learn more about in Services.

Professional bio & CV available on request.


Feel free to get in touch about any of my services, projects, or even just to

have a chat:

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A logo for Sage Gateshead, where Sarah has performed and undertaken a residency.
Logo for manchester jazz festival, which Sarah was an artist for on their hothouse programme.
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Jazz North logo, an organisation that supports Sarah.
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